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What You Need to Write in Your Dissertation Acknowledgement

The ideal dissertation acknowledgement is usually a third or a quarter pages long and always come last. Their main role is to offer a note of thanks to all those who were involved in the researcher especially the dissertation process. Among those an acknowledgement dissertation identifies close colleagues, supervisors, funders, family and all other people who offered support in varied ways.


Although there is very little space allowed for writing an acknowledgement for a dissertation. Studies conducted by some scholars have come up with several ways of actually writing the acknowledgement part in your dissertation, however, it may sometimes not agree with what your institution or lecturer preferred. This article will provide necessary help in writing an acknowledgement for dissertation that you can use although not as many institutions prefer.

Here are the three moves for the best acknowledgement for dissertation bases:

  1. The Reflective Move

Its main role is to offer explanations on the dissertation process, challenges and how to best overcome them. It is usually the first paragraph and is usually about 30% of the acknowledgement. This paragraph may also contain the lessons learned in the dissertations as well as the various challenges encountered like finances, deadlines and challenging skills applied among others. You also include how to overcome these challenges in the paragraph.

  1. The Thanking Move

This move does not only focus on thanking all those involved in the dissertation, but also identifying each of them and the role they played. You are the one to decide on which order to proceed and how you wish to go about it even if you feel some individuals were really not forthcoming in their roles. Choose your words carefully before you begin and make sure to include both institutions and individuals.

  1. The Announcing Move

This is usually the last paragraph and usually involves the researcher taking responsibility for the dissertation. You also dedicate the dissertation to somebody you really feel contributed to its success. However, this is an optional choice in your acknowledgement.

With all these moves in mind you should always consider the appropriate length for the acknowledgement, which should be a maximum of 300 words. Long acknowledgment notes usually lose the flavor contained in the intended than you note. The trick towards achieving the intended length lies in you focusing on the people you got the most help from.

Don’t forget gratitude’s for professors involved as they are responsible for marking the dissertation. Put their names in the acknowledgement section and mention their role, which is mostly advisory one. In order for your acknowledgement to cover all the required people consider starting to prepare as early as possible. The best time is 6 months to submission and remember the main role of an acknowledgment is to say thank you for helping and your words should always sound so. Consider mentioning some professors in your acknowledgment, even if they had no contribution worth mentioning.

Even though in writing an acknowledgement for your dissertation may not seem that important for your studies, remember the role it plays and the importance it serves. Make sure the intended objective of the acknowledgement which is saying thank you to all who contributed is actually realized.