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Tips on How to Write the Best Augmentative Research Paper

As a student you understand that an augmentative essay paper contains two sides in the topic you are trying to argue with. Understanding this fact will enable you establish your own position on the topic you wish to discuss. The best way to actually achieve this mile stone is by your research paper having facts that can help in convincing the reader to actually back your stand on the subject. That is why, an argumentative research paper needs to be well planned and researched in order to achieve its intended objective. These tips will guide you towards writing your own killer augmentative research paper.


  • Find a topic and the issue you want to argue about

This is considered the first step in augmentative research paper writing that every student should consider. Take your time to review suitable topics and issues you wish to argue about. They should have two points of view, if you want to make them successful. Once you have settled on a suitable topic, embark on understanding it better.

  • Present your opinion in sentence form

Every essay will always need to have a thesis statement and that is exactly what expressing your opinion in a sentence form is meant to achieve. Carefully write your opinion about the topic you have chosen for your argumentative essay in a sentence that your readers can relate to. Every part of the sentence should be clear and direct.

  • Establish reasons that make you support your opinion

In an augmentative essay you have to show and prove why you support your point of view in the essay and for this reason you actually need to identify reasons for doing so. Once you have established your reason, choose two or three that you consider strong and make each of them a heading of their own in a research paper. Take your time while deep analyzing the ideas that you consider to support your opinion. Look for suitable facts and evidence that will provide a strong defense for your opinion and clearly outline them.

  • Organize your writing

With all your facts and ideas gathered during your brainstorming session it’s time to start writing. The best way to achieve this is by writing your essay in paragraphs. However, the normal argumentative research paper format involves the following steps.

  1. Introduction

This section introduces the topic you are going to talk about and gives some background information on the topic for the reader to understand what you are going to talk about. It has the length of about four sentences and also includes the thesis statement with well defined individual thoughts on the topic you are going to discuss.

  1. The Body

This part of an augmentative research paper allows you to actually prove your statement. It’s structured in paragraphs with each paragraph containing a statement and the facts to prove your opinion. Start with the strong points to the least strong ones. It should also be able to show the transition to the reader all through.

  1. The Conclusion

This is usually the last part of any argumentative research paper. In the conclusion you should summarize your thesis statement as well as your main points. The last part should be a comment on the issue or topic you have just discussed in your argumentative research paper.