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How to Make Footer Notes Chicago style

The main role of a footer note in a research paper is to make additional information or make a clarification on the information housed in the main text. This is a very important role for footnotes and this information includes explained abbreviations that are used within the paper. Most footnotes are put at the end of clauses and sentences, but in some instances they are put after placing punctuation marks.


In the instance of a research paper, every paraphrase and quotation in Chicago style contained there should have a foot note. This helps identifying the origin of information contained in the paper. With this article you will learn practical ways of making footer note that you can apply successfully in your research papers.

  • Always Make Footnotes Short

The first fact you need to understand about Chicago research paper format footnotes is that they should give full proof information on a source. Even though footnotes need to be short some notes simply can’t be shortened but concentrate on those that can be shortened in the footnotes like an author’s last name. In case of the name, the most suitable steps to follow include the name being followed by a comma, followed by page number; full stop and then the title of the research. In many instances the final word count is about four words

  • Use Word Processors

If you want to make your work easy especially when placing Chicago style research paper format footnotes, consider using word processors. The only thing that is needed for you is that you place the cursor on the location where the subscript numbers are usually placed on the footnotes. You then go to the reference icon and select on footnote. Once you have done this the subscript is placed and an open space created in the end of the page. This space is where you can insert your footnote by simply typing it.

  • Site Multiple Notes Differently

Some sources may actually contain two notes that actually follow one another. The best way to approach such a situation is picking the one that is actually closest. Abbreviations may come in handy in such situations as well. If you encounter situations where the notes show that the source is the same as well as the page number, the best way to handle this is by leaving out the page number.

  • Don’t Ignore the Unique Features

Word processors contain some important features that you can actually utilize in paper format in Chicago footnotes. The first one is achieved by moving the mouse on the subscript number that allows you to see the notes that are written below it. The second is applied in the reference menu, where you can easily move from one note to another easily by using the footnote active button. The feature that makes word processors important is when footnotes are inserted or deleted; the renumbering is always done automatically. This is done for both footnotes and super scripts that are usually at the end of the page and within the text itself.