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How to Format Your Essay Cover Page Like a Pro

In order for you to understand how to format your essay cover page, you, first of all, need to understand what it is in the first place. A cover page for an essay is the first or the front page in the essay that usually contains the date of writing, name of the writers, title of the essay and the names of the lectures and teachers.


A cover page for essay is very important and should always be written in the order required. This is mainly to attract readers to your essay because that is what the reader will first see. Therefore when writing a cover page for your essay you should always leave no room for mistakes. This article is written to offer you tips on how create cover page for essays.


In an ideal cover page the title is always in the middle of the page or nearly half way the page. The title is very important in any essay and need to get it better placed. The easiest way to do this is by centering the cursor and count up 16 lines downwards. This is considered the center of the page. This is the most suitable place for your title.

Personal Details

Another very important part in a cover page for an essay is your personal details. These details should always be written at the bottom of the page. In order to correctly write them you should count at least 15 lines downwards and you should place it at the 32 line. In the personal details, write your name, course, name of your school, date of submission and the supervisors or teachers name.

The Running Head

In your cover page the running head should be included in the both the header and footer. This is always done in order to increase the number of title displays across all the pages.

Page Number

This comes in handy especially when it’s aligned on the right. But always on the same line as the header, but the only difference lies in the space which is slightly spaced. In essay writing numbering of the title page is optional. But when you choose to apply it, numbering is done on every page.

Spacing and Font

You should always remember that a cover page for any essay or article has a preferred font. However, the most commonly used is the Times New Roman and in the case of font size the preferred one is 12pt., when writing the spaces in between should be double and clear enough for the reader. When it comes to the choice of color only maintain the normal automatic black.

Before you start developing a cover page you should understand what a front page is in the first place. Because for a cover page all the information is aligned in the center with the exception of the header and page number. When you are done with writing make sure your cover page for the essay is free of common grammatical and sentencing errors by proofreading. It is also another way of ensuring that you have followed all the instructions from your supervisor or institution.