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Best Ways to Structure Your Compare and Contrast Paper

The words compare and contrast simply mean to identify the differences between two related entities. In academic writing, however, a compare and contrast paragraph is used differently considering it is used to point out similarities and differences in places, ideas, people and even situations.


If you need to learn how to structure a compare paper you need to first understand that there are two main compare and contrast formats. These formats include the block, divided or whole to whole format and integrated or point by point comparison. In the block format you try to examine one subject on its own against another one on its own. This can give rise to two actual papers, but joined in a transition.

But with a clear introduction and an appropriate thesis you can actually be able to bring out the format you desire as well as provide the similarities and differences desired as well as provide answers to all questions generated. Consider including appropriate references on topics throughout the paper. Use a strong transition to join the two sections of the papers while clearly stating their relationship. The final Part of the paper should be able to fully analyze and summarize the findings. Every point explored or compared should be able to clearly show the difference with each subject. However, in writing, consider the following factors: a clear introduction, thesis, good planning and organization and a good conclusion, if you want to be successful.

Structuring your compare and contrast paper is very important. To start with your compare and contrast introduction should be clear and provide a thesis statement. Your introduction should be able to provide the outline for the essay showing the readers what your compare and contrast paper is all about in order to attract them. The first part of your compare and contrast paper should be able to cover the first topic fully, while the second should be able to cover the two remaining topics. Once this is done you need to combine both topics and conduct a full analysis on them.

In order to add flavor to your compare and contrast paper, consider using opposition. When opposition in writing essay is applied you simply take the opposite side of the opposition you had taken in the first paragraph of your essay. The importance of this step is the ability to make an argument over your previous point of view although you need to be completely organized. Performing opposition in essay writing can be done in several ways, however, you should first consider all the points of view in your research.

Start by writing an outline of your opposition essay, which you can later compare fully with that of the opposition while using the outline. When done, ensure that you proofread you essay to make sure everything is just as you would have wanted it, also remove all errors therein. Make sure your paper is not too obvious to your readers by introducing controversial subjects and ideas that will keep them hooked to debates that they generate. A compare and contrast conclusion should be able to offer a complete and enticing summary of ideas that you had intend from the beginning.