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7 Sources That Are Considered A Must For College Students

One of the most appreciated benefits of technology is online study, especially for college students around the globe. Top on the list is easy availability of online resources for students to use, to gain more information on their studies. Currently there are so many websites that provide online resources for college students to help with their education. However, there are seven highly acclaimed online college resources that every college student needs to visit.


  1. The Khan Academy

It is considered to have some of the best online study tools for college students around the globe. The only thing required from you by the website is commitment to study and you don’t need to be a college student in order to be granted an opportunity. Among the things one can benefit from the Khan Academy includes practice exercises, video libraries and customized learning panels that help improve college students learning experience. No matter the subject, you are interested in the Khan Academy has sources for study that can help with your studies.

  1. Courser

This website has resources important in many different subjects like math’s, business, computer science, history, biology and humanities among other subjects. These resources help students increase their knowledge and improve their skill. This website is among the most helpful websites to students as they are allowed to enroll for online courses with them, which are offered in partnership with some of the world’s top ranked universities.

  1. Compass Learning

Students who wish to succeed in academics, can benefit from this websites special features that focus on each student’s strength and weakness. By understanding this, students can be guided with necessary inputs to grow on their strengths or overcome their weaknesses. These are very important insights to students, who want to excel in college.

  1. Knowledge Net

This website mainly deals with IT related subjects. Therefore, students who wish to take an IT related path encourage to visit this website. It has partnered with instructors from technology giants like Microsoft, Cisco and Vmare to provide IT training relevant for college study.

  1. Getting Smart

If you are a student looking for helpful links and tools in education Getting Smart is the place to go. With these online learning tools, students can use them to find free colleges on the web. The website is also a very important resource for students engaged in research.

  1. Study Guide Zone

The best guide to college students concerning various subjects comes from this website. It also helps prepare students for their exams considering it provides tests and exams like the ACT, SAT and GED that helps college students ready themselves for exams. Besides this, there are other college resources and links that the website provides that college students can utilize in their studies.

  1. Sailor

This website is out to ensure illiteracy in the world. It is eradicated by providing education to all. It has an open source learning technology that students can use as alternative to libraries, when dealing with their assignments. This website allows you to learn while at the same time study.

These websites are full of original resources college students can utilize in their academics. These resources are some of the best ways on how to void plagiarizing in most college students.