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5 Best Tips on how To Cite a Source Like a Pro

When you cite a source this simply means you are providing reference material on a source that is published or non-published that you used as a reference or that you got information from for use in your research paper. Citing your sources, however, depends entirely on the writing style your institution or lecturer has delegated. This includes: MLA, Harvard, Chicago, APA and Turabian among many others.


Learning how to cite source, should be every students dream, other than just being a very important educational milestone. It helps provide information to readers about your research. This helps them understand the problem you are handling better. Here are tips to help you on how to cite your work sources.

  1. Identify sources most relevant to your topic

This is the most important part you have to learn as a student, when you want to cite your sources. If you wish to locate your most important sources for your topic, consider using foot notes and following the references. This way you are able to isolate the most important from the least important. This method is called citation tracking.

  1. Include all information on the referenced source

The main reason for referencing is to capture important information on a specific source that helps differentiate one source from others despite them writing on same topic. This is so regardless of the style of writing you have decided to use. Most referencing styles will contain the author’s name, year of publication, the title and type of publication.

  1. Appreciate the owner of original content even if you make changes

No matter the changes that you make on an original content it is important that you cite the original work. Let your readers understand some texts in your research were adapted from a particular researcher. The best way that you can actually achieve this is by using terms like “summarized from” and “based on”.

  1. Involve in text citations

The main reason for in text citations is to show the reader of your research that some text within the research are actually cites from other sources. This is actually the first lesson you need to know on how to make references. You should also know that with in-text citations reference lists on the back your research are completely unnecessary. The best way to make an in text citation is to ensure that the source being cited is just next to the information being referenced.

Always be clear on the referencing style you want to use

It is no hidden fact that there are many referencing styles out there. However, you need to be specific on the reference style you are going to use. It is important to stick to the style your institution or lecturer approves for your research papers. Make sure that you understand the choice of referencing style you are going to use before actually applying it .